Aloe ‘Princess Jack’


Hybridizer: Karen Zimmerman
Description: This cultivar is a grex mate of Aloe ‘Dragon’ and bears similar characteristics with its long, slender leaves. This clone has wider leaves and is more densely covered by white tubercles with a pink cast to the marginal spines.

[kz#1 Clone 1 (A. divaricata × A. parvula)] x [kz#1 Clone 2 (A. divaricata × A. parvula)]

Aloe ‘Princess Jack’ was named after Karen’s niece of this nickname.

2011 International Succulent Introduction (ISI 2011-20), Huntington Botanical Gardens (HBG 104725).

Published: Cactus and Succulent Journal, Vol. 82 (2), March – April, 2011