Aloe ‘DZ’


Hybridizer: Karen Zimmerman

Description: This new aloe hybrid from Huntington Botanical Garden’s 2010 International Succulent Introductions, and one of the three first releases from Karen Zimmerman, features red teeth along the margins with raised red ridges over glaucous leaves. According to the Huntington ISI description, it is a complex cross:

[A. ‘Confetti’ (A. ‘Frank Reinelt’ (Dick Wright) × A. ‘Dental Work’ (Kelly Griffin)] x [kz#1 (A. divaricata × A. parvula) Clone 1))].

‘DZ’ is named for Debra Zimmerman who has inspired some of Karen’s best work. Aloe ‘Confetti’, the seed parent, is an earlier, unintroduced KZ hybrid.

Published: Cactus and Succulent Journal, Vol. 81 No. 2, March–April 2010